Artist: Bruce Odland Big Band
Title: Crossover
Format: LP
Label: XO Records
Year: 1986
What I did: Engineer, production, mix, bass, bg voc.
My comments: This was a group with a 5-piece horn section, two drummers, two singing keyboardists, and me on bass. The band was really something, and was at its best live. For some reason we took a different approach for the record; a little more like a science project, recorded the drums alone first and then overdubbed the other instruments individually. One thing I'll say about the drum tracks: they were recorded in stereo, both drummers playing at once, with the craziest jerry-rigged mixer and mic setup you could imagine, with speakers and mics setup all over the yogurt factory so I could change the sound by sending the signal from whichever mic into different rooms. For one song we took the drumkits to a pedestrian tunnel under a freeway and recorded them there on Bruce's Sony F1 digital two track recorder. In the end these drums tracks hold up perfectly even after the layers of stuff that were to come later. I'd learned a lot over the previous years about recording in basic stereo out of necessity, and here it really paid off. I still record all the drum tracks for my solo albums directly to two tracks. In the end I'll simply say it was an exhausting and extremely educational experience, an "interesting" album but we probably ought to have done a live album.