Artist: Corpses as Bedmates
Title: Venus Handcuffs
Format: LP
Label: Dead Man's Curve
Year: 1986
What I did: Engineer, production, mix, drums, trash, bass, viola, bg voc, etc.
My comments: It's me and Susanne Lewis, recorded on dilapidated equipment in our abandoned yogurt factory rehearsal building. Chris Cutler says it best I think: "These are recordings that capture the empty rooms and alien machinery of their birthplace", and that it "sounds like a spirit photograph". It's a "tron"-full album, featuring Mellotron and Orchestron, and I really used the sound of the rooms on this one. The terrible sounding cheaply pressed LP was released by a label which immediately went bankrupt so most of the LPs also immediately vanished along with the label. Nearly 20 years it was released on CD by AdHoc Records in 2005, remastered (by me of course!) from the original cassette tape on which I'd mixed it.