Title: Night Vision
Format: Film
Label: First Films
Year: 1987
What I did: Sound effects, mix.
My comments: Another no-budget affair. The film required a lot of city ambience so I spent much time walking around downtown Denver with a cassette machine and a borrowed mic in a backpack. I'd look around behind the bushes at the base of skyscrapers or in parking garages and always find an electrical outlet, plug in the cassette deck and record the street ambience. Here's a good hard luck story that happened during the making of this film: One day while walking around downtown collecting sounds, I stopped by Wax Trax record shop to try and sell my last couple albums so I could buy something to eat, sat my backpack down just long enough to ask the guy at the counter if they'd give me a dollar or two for the albums, picked the backpack up again and it was empty...the cassette deck and mic had been stolen. Just like that, and right at my side! Naturally nobody in the store had seen anything. That taught me a lesson I should have already known living in Capitol Hill for so many years... Anyway, I survived, and the film also has music made by me and Eric Moon and Ron Miles, and it's a worse film than the first one ("Mind Killer", above.) because I think they started trying too hard to make "commercial" films. I have no idea how they managed to do it, but the music was printed out of phase on the release!