Artist: Hail
Title: Gypsy Cat and Gypsy Bird
Format: LP
Label: Prolific
Year: 1988
What I did: Engineer, mix, bass, drums, a bit of guitar, etc, bg vox.
My comments: The first Hail album. We recorded this one in a small, oppressive 8-track studio, a place I never really liked sonically but we made the best of it, and it was a relief from the broken and barely functioning recording equipment we'd used on the Corpses as Bedmates albums. The LP was pressed by a label who promptly went out of business so most of the LPs disappeared along with them. A couple of tracks from it were released on our Turn of the Screw CD, and we might be able to re-release the whole album on CD soon. It was named after Susanne's pets who were both called "Gypsy".