Artist: Thinking Plague
Title: In This Life
Format: CD
Year: 1989
What I did: Engineer, production, mix, drums, bass, violin, etc.
My comments: Our third album, recorded in the late 1980's, released by ReR in 1989; the label's first CD only release. For me this was a great combination of people, and I feel that the mixture of me, Mike Johnson, and Susanne Lewis was especially good here. This was to be the first thing I recorded and mixed which I knew would be released only on CD, a great thrill for me because I didn't need to worry about my radical stereo proclivities making the stylus jump out of the groove! Recorded mostly in our yogurt factory rehearsal space, the First Films office (a small film company I worked at in the mid 80's) and a bit at John Macy's studio. (John was very generous to our little group of passionate yet utterly broke musicians!) It's also the last TP album I was fully involved in as a player/producer/engineer. Fred Frith appears on one song, and Mark Fuller contributes a lot of percussion to another.

There are two "bonus tracks" have to understand this was back in the days when we never could have imagined our earlier albums would ever be we included the mix of "Possessed" from our first album, and "Moonsongs" from the second. For the latter, Mike and I went back to the multitrack tape, changed a few things and did a new we sortof wonder why! Overall I still think this is a fine album.