Artist: Your Funeral
Title: I Wanna Be You / Final Abbyss
Format: 7" vinyl 45
Label: Local Anesthetic
Year: 1982
What I did: Engineer, production.
My comments: Your Funeral was a trio of young women. The songwriter and guitarist was Jeri Rossi, with whom I did several more projects together over the years. Shortly after the record came out, the group re-formed with Jeri on guitar, me on bass and Grant Hall on drums (a drummer I played with in another important 80's Denver group called The Metrotones, who never did make a record) and we did a raucous show in Denver with The Birthday Party sometime around 1982-83. Anyway, back to the record: I recorded it, but according to this page it wasn't mixed by me. I honestly don't remember, and don't have a copy of it to remind me, but if it had been mixed by me as well it would have sounded lots better of course!