The Rules of Sandstone.
It is known that there are 1000 rules, mostly believed lost.
Here are those which we have so far been able to find.
Please check back soon for more updates. Thank you.

  • 2: The game of Sandstone must be played with any number of players.
  • 3: The game is to be played on a surface, heretoforth referred to as the Playing Surface.
  • 4: The table upon which the Playing Surface is situated, and thus upon and around which the game of Sandstone transpires, shall be a "Deluxe Dinette" model, purchased at Miller's Furnishings in west New York City, unless unavailable or undesired.
  • 8: All players shall wear the Sandstone Cloak, consisting of 50% rayon, 48% cotton and 2% pebbles. Floor length, the Cloak covers the entire body except for hands and face, and shall be donned 30 minutes before, during, and after the game, unless circumstances deem otherwise. (See rule #
  • 16: The room temperature for the game of Sandstone is 26C. Playing room will be equipped with such means as to precisely maintain this allowed temperature. Though not permitted, the temperature may be altered by mechanical or chemical means to any desired level.
  • 19: Used only after Rule 18 is invoked (or strictly for other allowed reasons) or if by definition Rule 19 is inapplicable.
  • 21: Shards of ancient pottery will be awarded to the emitter of the loud noise deemed most creative by the Loud Noise Judge.
  • 74: Pushbutton in-dash car radios (or underdash models) if properly modified by qualified persons, may be used to broadcast the progress of the game. This is not permitted if considered undesireable.
  • 348: Spectacular exhibits of technologically innovative mechanical or microelectronic wizardry may be viewed before, during or after a Queen's Rill or a Pyramid Maneouver.
  • 516: Auctions, if carried out during the game, must be overseen by a professional auctioneer and are not permitted.
  • 661: Name tags must be prominitely displayed by all Judges, unless hidden, in which case players or spectators may attempt to guess the location of hidden tag (s). In case of an accurate deduction, Judge must reveal tag and a prize will be awarded.
  • 877: A Schrieber 2-color dry offset press may be brought into the room.

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