Killer Mousetrap

Once there was a killer mousetrap, longing to visit. However, no one wanted to visit with it...this made it mad - and this is where we get our title; "Killer Mousetrap". And now its story:

The Queen was brushing her hair, when flash! Out of the airvent it came, uttering unearthly sounds. It began in its usual way - all too soon to become all too familiar - of mangling its victims:
1) grasps the chin firmly.
2) punctures the skin.
3) grabs a small rod and yanks on it, thus turning the individual inside out.

It shrieks hysterically, and before anyone could stop it it ran out into the street and into a dark alley never to be seen by the Queen again.

The next Tuesday in Ledges Minnesota, the fire chief was found murdered in the same ghastly fashion. The following Thursday an entire football team was found turned inside out. Later that evening the mousetrap was found and dismantled.