Bob Drake: "13 Songs and a Thing"
2003 ReR Megacorp
Also available in N America from Wayside Music

As the title suggests it has indeed 13 songs, including my intepretation of a Stevan Tickmayer composition, a cover of some music from The Outer Limits, as well as a 12-minute long... thing constructed from hundreds of old cassette recordings I'd been making since the late 60's. Many of the songs are instrumental, and there are some guests: Olivier Tejedor of NeBeLNeST plays Mellotron on one song, Sharon Bradford, singer on the first album by Thinking Plague plays her...shall we say..."inimitable" percussion on another, Dick El Demasiado wrote a few lines of text and sings them in Spanish and Fred Hess plays some great saxophone on another. Otherwise as usual it's me playing and singing...

15 years on, my personal feeling about this album is that, despite there being a couple of good songs, I ought to have waited a bit before starting on it until I had a clearer idea of where it was going. But I didn't, so it is what it is!


Abandoned Thermal Establishment Blues: