Bob's solo albums. Click a cover for more info and a couple of songs.

L'Isola dei Lupi
(CD, 2018)

October Improvisations
(download only, 2018)

Arx Pilosa
(CD, 2016)

Black Sulphur Spring
(download only, 2016)

Withered Bouquet
(download only, 2016)

Etudes et Improvisations pour Banjo
(download only, 2015)

Classic Guitar Stylings
(download only, 2015)

Lawn Ornaments
(CD 2014)

Bob's Drive-In
(CD, 2011)

BD and the Quonset Hut Philharmonic
(download only, 2011)

BD Solo: 1978-1983 (download only, 2011)

The Shunned Country
(CD, 2005)

13 Songs and a Thing
(CD, 2003)

The Skull Mailbox and Other Horrors
(CD, 2001)

Medallion Animal Carpet
(CD, 1998)

Little Black Train
(CD, 1996)

What Day Is It?
(CD, 1994)