Bob Drake: "Medallion Animal Carpet" 
1998 ReR Megacorp
Also available in N America from Wayside Music

The overall production on this one is generally noisy and rough. The idea for Part 1 was to come up with many unrelated fragments and song bits, and edit them together in a deiberately crude manner into one extended chunk. Part 2 is a chaotic medley of rockin' country/cajun-style songs, some original and some old classics, performed by myself and recorded using one very overloaded stereo microphone, the kind of wild, ecstatic mess I really enjoy! Looking back two decades later, I feel this is the last of my albums where the production was more important to me than the actual material.

Concrete Husky(from Part 1):

Crude Internal Organ/Detrimental Robot (from Part 1):

7 Cents (from Part 2: