Bob Drake and the Quonset Hut Philharmonic 
2011 Bangsnap Records

Did you even wonder what it might sound like to hear my tunes performed live, with a large group, most of whom don't know the songs? Well now you can find out! Only three of us - myself on guitar and vocal, David Kerman on percussion, and Jason DuMars sax and keyboard - knew the songs; the other fourteen members didn't. Recorded live October 24 2008 using one stereo microphone. I was recovering from bronchitis and could hardly sing, sounds perfect in context! Available only as download, listen to or buy it here.

Personell: me, David Kerman, Jason DuMars. And all playing various instruments, gadgets, tools, theremins, guitars, banjos, stringed things whose names I don't know, all sorts of percussion, and who knows what else: Mike Johnson, Sharon Bradford, Mark Bradford, Pin Rose, Jesse Rose, Shane Hotle, Dave Seiler, Kurt Bauer, Mark McCoin, Hello Proby, Steve Gordon, Chris Michas, Rick Benjamin, and Reed Weimer.

Que pourrait-il ressembler si je joue mes chansons avec un grand groupe qui ne les connaissent pas? Maintenant, tu peut le découvrir! Enregistré live à Denver Colorado 24 Octobre 2008, avec un microphone stéréo, seulement trois des membres du groupe connaissait les chansons: moi à la guitare, le banjo et la voix, David Kerman à la batterie, et Jason Dumars saxophone et clavier. Les quatorze autres membres du groupe n'a pas fait. Cet album est disponible uniquement par téléchargement, tu peut l'écouter ou l'acheter ici.

Here are some photos from the show.