Bob Drake: "What Day Is It?" 
Originally released in 1994, available from Wayside Music

It's my first solo solo album, written and recorded between 1991-1993. I would ask the listener to keep in mind that although I had been playing various instruments in, contributing ideas to, recording, and singing/arranging harmony vocals in bands since the late 60s, this album was the first time I tried to write songs and be the singer completely on my own. Now, 20-some years after I recorded these, I am not, shall we say, 100% comfortable with every moment therein, but one has to start somewhere and despite some lack of finesse in the songwriting/singing departments, I'm glad I did it and it does have some good moments...some embarrasing ones too but what the hell! Besides me playing all the instruments and singing, David Kerman, always very supportive of these first songwriting efforts of mine, plays drums on about half of the tracks.