Bob Drake's website: Updated 31 May 2023.
My most recent album Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England was released in October 2022. Rather than struggle to try and describe it myself, here is what Chris Cutler at Recommended Records has to say about it:

"Bob takes a professional detour to explore an intriguing byway with this atmospheric, uncharacteristic, stripped down (and I think highly successful) experiment in minimal exposition. There are thirteen chapters - for voices, organ, piano and cathedral - on texts drawn directly from the 1893 edition of The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England, by the English antiquary Robert Charles Hope. Hallucinatory, educational, intriguing, mysterious and almost certainly efficacious to the elevation of the spirit - not to mention some serious compositional heft. This is a unique musical object and whomsoever likes to take the road less travelled, this was meant for you."

Download version is available on My Bandcamp page, or as CDs from Recommended Records.

In September, a little tour shall transpire in the EU with my brand-new trio, The Exovarmints. That's me on guitar/singing, Dave Kerman drumming, and the elusive Marco Nenninger on bass. I'll post the schedule here once it's complete. Currently I am working on the next album, which will carry on further along the road taken by my albums such as Arx Pilosa, Lawn Ornaments, Planets and Animals...that's to say, story-songs, based on guitars, singing, bass, drums, a sprinkling of organ, and a bit of whatever else the tune might desire.
Next livestream:
Probably sometime in October. I've been doing a livestream show almost every month since 2020, I love doing them, and all the planning and preparation that go into them, but now taking a break from that in order to focus on recording the new album. Meanwhile, if you wanna look at some extracts from the past couple years' worth of livestreams, click here.

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