Please read if you have bought any of my albums from a Bandcamp page…

If you bought download versions of any of my albums from “”, note that is not my personal page, they are not supposed to sell downloads (just CDs) and their download versions do not include the album’s artwork or illustrations, lyric sheet, or any extras I may have included. The album covers are often careless scans or crap little jpgs blown up to larger size, rather than high resolution cover art and illustrations. They also do not offer 24 bit wav or flac. Please do not buy any downloads of my albums there.

My personal page is this one: I always include all the album artwork in a big PDF, a big png of the cover, a lyric sheet, and of course all illustrations and photos that are included in the CD booklet. I also try to personally email and thank everyone who buys anything there. And, needless to say, I put great care into providing the best quality audio files as well.

If you did buy a download from that other site, and you would like the album’s proper artwork, illustrations, lyric sheet, etc, please contact me (email address on my website) and I’ll send them to you.

The problem will be taken care of soon by Recommended Records.

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