I Should Have Listened To You

In the brackish, land-locked bit of a dismal sea, unpopulated, naturally,
is the ruin of a shunned, shunned abbey, even mosquitoes do not people it,
if that is the proper term.
The grey and wretched sand dunes, only a few unpleasant weeds languish
here and there around black, stagnant seeps. Anyway, after a researcher of
forbidden lore has learned that buried in these dismal dunes is a TREASURE,
hinting at stupifyingly prodigious wonders.

This note shall try to explain
why I won't be coming back
from this journey alone to the ruined abbey
where the weedy sand dunes of the encircling marsh
are crawling with bristly things awaiting my attempt to get out.

I should have listened to you,
should have destroyed those maps,
and washed my hands of all dabbling in forbidden things
but the temptation of outre, astounding antiquities
lured me on with promises of terrifying wonders
undreamed of by other humans

Well, I don't mean to brag, but I am an expert on this sort of thing,
and when I dug up that pyxis, I nearly fainted at its hideous antiquity!
Now I have all that I need to effect transubstantiation.

...what am I gonna DO??

Yes it lured me on with promises of stupifying prodigies
So if you find this letter
you must destroy all traces of my work, and I should have listened to you!
Yes...I should have listened to you, walked away from all this.

I've just completed...the FINAL SIGN...I.. feel it coming.....transmigration